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Strategic Planning, Scenario Planning, Facilitation, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Executive Coaching STRATEGIC PLANNING - Clear plans that incorporate everyone's best thinking, have the buy-in of key players, and lead to action; SCENARIO PLANNING - Increased ability to rapidly adapt to changes in the external world while maintaining strategic focus; FACILITATION - Meetings and processes that are a good use of everyone's time and lead to action; TEAM BUILDING - Greater alignment within the team and increased ability to collaborate on planning and execution; CONFLICT RESOLUTION - Resolution of sticky issues, improved working relationships, and forward motion; EXECUTIVE COACHING - Enhanced performance and confidence
Strategic Planning Scenario Planning Facilitation Team Building Conflict Resolution Executive Coaching

Do you wish you could spend less time spinning and more time getting things done? Are management team meetings overly contentious -- or tedious and unproductive? Do important issues remain unresolved? Does execution often fall short of the vision? Is it simply a challenge to get everyone focused on the big issues that take deep thinking?

"Choosing to work with you is one of the best business investments I've made and with the ROI for the company, it is easy to continue. It's much more than making me a better leader, it's about getting and keeping the management team together, and executing as a unit. When the management team moves faster, the whole company moves faster and that goes straight to the bottom line."

Randy Ditzler
Actona Technologies

You can get traction on the tough issues.
A management team that knows how to work together can have dynamic discussions on volatile issues without damaging their working relationships. They can power through complex issues like strategic planning in a way that gets everyone's best thinking on the table AND leads to buy-in from all the players.

Why is it so hard to get traction?
Thinking and working with others is difficult because there are an endless number of ways we can get off track. Most of our education doesn’t teach us the skills and tools for for making group interaction productive and yet we expect ourselves to instinctively know how to do it. We don't have protocols for framing complex issues or working through disagreements. We shy away from saying what is really on our minds and waste too much time dancing around the issues.

I can help you get traction on the important issues, so you spend less time spinning and more time getting things done. I'm Andrea Corney, President of Acorn Consulting. I've worked with high tech management teams since 1995, helping them get traction on whatever they are stuck on. With a JD/MBA from Stanford and a deep understanding of the high tech business environment, I can help your team resolve real business issues. Through doing your real work you'll develop some basic processes that will improve problem solving, decision making, planning and execution -- all the keys to driving success. Full Bio

I offer a full range of services designed to help your team get traction on the critical issues. Take a few minutes to explore this web site to learn more about how I can help you and your team. Be sure to download my free White Paper GETTING TRACTION: How Management Teams Can Spend Less Time Spinning and More Time Getting Things Done.

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        Teams Can Spend Less Time Spinning and More Time Getting Things Done


Are you wondering what I mean by "spinning" and what it looks like to get traction? This free white paper looks at the main ways that teams get off track and describes practical steps that you can take today to help your team be more productive and effective.

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